Difference Between Diamond and Graphite

Jul 19, 2011 by

What is the Difference Between Diamond and Graphite?

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  1. katrina

    Minerals have been variably discovered over the passing of time. While some were easily discovered among the rocks and soils, others were deeply embedded beneath the waters and coves. From the number of minerals that are found to exist until this point in time, there are two kinds which have always been attractive and have evidently drawn attention to, by experts and common individuals alike. Such kinds are known to be diamond and graphite. Some people are not bound to gain much interest in identifying the disparities of these two minerals but it remains to significant as they possess they own uniqueness and ingenuity.

    Although these two are bound together by the same chemical component, such entities are obviously distinct in features, consistency and use.

    By differentiating in features, it can be found that graphite comes in a metallic state with much obscurity. Diamond, on the other hand, is obviously sparkling and possesses no color as it is known to be one transparent kind of mineral.

    In terms of consistency, diamonds are one of the hardest among the minerals being discovered. It is known to obtain the highest rate in using the tool appropriate for measuring the hardness of minerals. Graphite, on the contrary, has a low rate and is interpreted to be one of the softest minerals that exist.

    More so, these two share differences in use. While graphite is mainly used for pencils to come into reality, diamonds are well incorporated in the making of highly valuable jewelries and in creating purses, dresses and gowns that are well-loved and appreciated by women, in particular.

    In such light, the value that each of such minerals possess also differ. Evidently, diamonds are of much greater value and are treasured and secured more compared to graphite.

  2. smartsukhnoor

    it is the hardest substance
    it do not conduct electricity

    it is the softest substance
    it conducts electricity

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