Difference between Dependent and Independent Variables

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Difference between Dependent and Independent Variables

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  1. daniel

    The arithmetic tools that are used for keeping control of any experiment are called independent and dependent variables. Through using these to variables at the same time, a conclusion can be attained in a precise manner. Both terms are closely related with one another and it can be hard to distinguish them.

    1. Dependent variables

    A response variable or dependent variable is upon an independent variable. This means that changes in the independent variable are going to influence a dependent variable directly. In fact, the dependent variable is a value that is essential measured by a researcher and is not theorized.

    For instance, when measuring the effect of varying quantities of fertilizer have on plant development, then the features of the plant that display this effect can be said to be dependent variables. This includes things like the plant’s growth rate while looking at both weight and height.

    Simply put, a value in a test that cannot be controlled is called a dependent variable. In the above example, it is impossible to control the plant’s growth as it is dependent upon the fertilizer amount being applied. This means an adjustment in fertilizer amount will also translate to an adjustment in plant growth.

    2. Independent variables

    Variables that can be manipulated in a test by a research are called independent variables. Essentially, an independent variable is the assumed value that influences dependent variables. Independent variables can therefore be changed depending on the requirements.

    If you assign one experiment to various people and they theorize the independent various based on their settings, then these independent variables may be distinct for the same experiment. For instance, when looking at the effect of varying fertilizer amounts on plant development, then the fertilizer amount is the independent variable since its amount is changeable.

    In conclusion, all values in a test that are controllable and changeable are known as independent variables while uncontrollable values are said to be dependent variables.

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