Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship

May 4, 2011 by

What are the differences between Democracy and Dictatorship?

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  1. katrina

    Ever since governments have been established, many forms have emerged to ultimately find one suitable type for every country that exists. While some forms have showed efficiency to running a country or a nation, others have failed to take hold of the people comprising every nation. Two of the most common forms of government are democracy and dictatorship. Democracy can be simply defined as a government ruled by the people. Dictatorship, on the other hand, is one form of government where the power is vested upon the authorities, who were put into office.
    By definition wise, it can be noticed that democracy and dictatorship are two forms that basically oppose one another. While democracy is governed by the people, dictatorship is governed by individuals in authority.
    Another difference between the two forms of government is the character of self-indulgence. In democracy, the people have all the liberty in choosing what they desire and in planning on what they think are best for the entire population. In dictatorship, on the contrary, the people cannot choose what they want. Instead, the leaders are the ones who impose to them the things that they think are good for the people of one certain country.

    Apart from that, democracy differs in dictatorship in the aspect of the laws, rules, regulations and policies that are implemented. In a democratic government, the laws are passed from the people. The basic function of those who are in the high offices is to work for the people. In a dictator government, however, laws are coming from the officials and the people’s opinions and suggestions are not recognized nor accommodated.

    Today, countries are governed variably. Some countries enjoy being under a democratic government while others opt to be ruled under the government of dictatorship.

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