Difference between Delhi and New Delhi

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What is the Difference between Delhi and New Delhi?

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  1. khristine

    Unless you are a citizen of India or at least have traveled to India, you would not probably know that a place called Delhi is different from the actual capital of India that is New Delhi. It is by fact that most people who live outside India are familiar with the name New Delhi but not that of Delhi. So to make the distinction clearer, here are details on the differences between Delhi and New Delhi.

    First and foremost, Delhi and New Delhi are two separate places but are closely connected with each other in a manner that New Delhi is a city that exists within the metropolis of Delhi.

    Delhi is a large and busy city in India. It is officially known as the National Capital territory of Delhi (or NCT). It ranked 2nd among the leading metropolis in India in terms of land area and 8th in terms of population as compared to other nations that is according to the latest 2011 census. It houses a variety of ethnic and cultural groups thus making it a cosmopolitan city. It is also considered as India’s center of economy and politics attracting many workers all throughout the state. Delhi is also known to have a large number of expatriate populace.

    New Delhi, on the other hand, is known throughout the world as the capital city of India. It is where most of the important government offices of India are situated with the likes of the Supreme Court of India, the Cabinet Secretariat of India, the Parliament of India, and the presidential house or palace that is known as Rashtrapati Bhavan among many others. Also included are 134 foreign embassies, monuments, art galleries, and national museums that are housed within the city. Although situated within the metropolis of Delhi, New Delhi was established as an independent district.

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