Difference between Dark and Milk Chocolate

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Difference between Dark and Milk Chocolate

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  1. daniel

    Chocolate is produced from cacao beans that are found in Central America. For a very long time, the people of Central America have delighted in chocolate. The Spaniards who conquered them discovered it and brought it to Europe. Over time, various ways of making chocolate were created with milk and dark chocolate being the most common ones.

    Dark chocolate generally has a larger amount of cacao beans in it. Hence, it is considered to be low in fat content. This particular form of chocolate seems darker in color as contrasted with milk chocolate since it is pure. Furthermore, based on the amount of cacao beans used in dark chocolate, it usually has low amounts of sugar that its milk counterpart. In general, dark chocolate includes a 65% amount of cocoa.

    The pure nature of dark chocolate also means that it gives most of the great health benefits linked to chocolate. Chocolate is among the food products that contains high amounts of antioxidants that assist to get rid of free radicals and toxins, which can cause disease and also increase ageing. Other key benefits linked to dark chocolate intake include assisting to regulate glucose metabolism and reducing blood pressure.

    Milk chocolate, unlike dark chocolate, offers a sweeter, creamier and smoother texture. This is due to its refined nature. The first production of milk chocolate occurred in the 18th century by an individual known as Daniel Peters. It contains a lesser amount of cocoa, which is approximately 30%. Condensed milk or milk powder is used during the production of milk chocolate so as to ensure the product is creamier and delicious.

    Some of the important ingredients used for production of both milk and dark chocolate include vanilla, lecithin and sugar. Lecithin usually works like the emulsifying agent. Remember that dark chocolate intake may offer health benefits, while milk chocolate only offers a great taste.

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