Difference between Criminal Justice and Criminology

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What is the Difference between Criminal Justice and Criminology?

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  1. shiela

    Choosing a career can be very demanding especially now that there are terms being interchanged to confused specific disciplines. Examples of these are Criminal Justice and Criminology. Although people are confused on the components of these disciplines, still there is an actual difference between the two.

    Criminal Justice is more on the laws and justice system of criminal offenses. The bulk of work includes enforcement of judiciary system specifically catered on prosecution, defense, sentencing, etc. Criminology deals with the crime itself. It studies the crime, the origin, the nature, the causes, the prevalence, and the evaluation. Basically, criminology is usually associated with sociology because it studies the behavior of the society in terms of crime offense, violations, and practices.

    The difference is quite obvious because criminal justice is in the field of policy while criminology is more on the behavior. Although they may be different, these two disciplines are also interrelated. One could not function without the other. No policies will be imposed if the crimes were not evaluated nd observed.

    Criminal Justice is also a general term because it encompasses broader topics such as the conduct of crime, the punishments, the investigation, the gathering of evidences, etc which criminology may also cover. In criminology however, there is a distinction because it specifically attends to crimes as social phenomenon.

    In terms of career option s, those who study Criminal Justice may end up as law enforcement officer, court administrator, investigator, correctional officer, private detectives. Those who study criminology may end up as researcher, teacher, or can also become a law enforcement officer.

    These two disciplines may vary in education and application but then they need each field to be versatile in their own field. Criminal Justice practitioners also need to have a little background about criminology to be able to interpret the law and Criminology practitioners also need knowledge on criminal Justice to understand the reaction of the society to a certain crime.

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