Difference between Conference and Meeting

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Difference between Conference and Meeting

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  1. daniel

    Conferences and meetings are generally similar events as they both involve people coming together to discuss or talk about certain topics. Nevertheless, people still remain confused when asked to differentiate these terms. Generally, conferences are much bigger than meetings.
    1. Size
    A meeting is a gathering that normally involves lower number of participants than a conference. That is why meetings are normally held in-doors; whereas conferences are organized in places have been made to hold large numbers of people such as training centers. Hence, there are many attendants or participants in a conference who belong to varying backgrounds.
    2. Nature
    Conferences are formal in nature and professionals come together so as to discuss topics of great importance and common interest. In contrast, a meeting is informal and even a family can call its own meeting so as to discuss issues that affect the family. This means conferences are attended by people from far away whilst meetings normally involve people who are within a specific locality.
    3. Schedule
    Meetings have the benefit in that they do not involve any special requirements. This means they can be organized and held at a moments notice at a suitable place. Furthermore, as they are informal in nature, meetings do not have a schedule. In contrast, all issues of discussions and activities are organized in terms of priority based on their importance. As such, conferences have strict schedules that all participants are supposed to follow.
    3. Time
    Meetings are very short and can be completed in a few hours. Conversely, conferences are normally spread over many days. During that time, the participants take part in discussions so as to solve the arising issues.
    Finally, conferences require participants to be housed in hotels during the period of the conference while meetings do not have such a requirement as they only last for a few hours.

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