Difference between Cold Blooded and Warm Blooded

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Difference between Cold Blooded and Warm Blooded

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  1. daniel

    Animals can either be classified as warm blooded or cold blooded. Most of these creatures can be distinguished and recognized easily. For those who are unable to differentiate these two terms, this article should assist you greatly in that respect.

    1. Cold blooded

    These animals are further classified in the mode through which their temperature modifies with changes in the immediate environment. When the environment is cold, such animals become cold and the opposite applies during hot periods.


    The temperature of animals within this group is controlled by external adjustments that fall and rise based on the environment. They become hot or cold as they engage in movement between varying environments. Examples of such animals include turtles and frogs.


    These are the animals whose temperature is controlled by the coolness or warmth of external environments like the air, sun or water temperature. These animals are normally warmed by hot sun and cooled by cold water. All reptiles are found in this group.


    The temperature of these animals is normally based on their current metabolism. These creatures enter a hibernation stated based on food availability or outside temperature. Most insects are part of this group.

    2. Warm blooded

    These animals have a constant temperature and there are only 3 varieties of warm blood animals as shown below.


    The temperature here remains stable despite the outside environment. Furthermore, such creatures have higher temperatures than surrounding environments such as humans.


    The temperature in this particular group is controlled internally through panting during hot periods or shivering in the cold. A good example is dogs.


    In this instance, the temperature is maintained by a very high metabolism. Birds are part of this group.

    Lastly, cold blooded creatures are speedier than warm blooded creatures, but the latter have lots more stamina as they have a greater metabolism for generating energy quickly.

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