Difference between CBSE and ICSE

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Difference between CBSE and ICSE

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  1. daniel

    CBSE is an important board of higher education found in India, whereas ICSE is the main exam that secondary education students sit for. Both are quite popular and Indian students have to choose either one as they study. Here are a few features of both boards and their key differences.

    1. Function
    The ICSE strives to offer high quality education and learning to all students and it conducts three main exams during the final year of school. However, the CBSE was mainly instituted so as to meet the requirements of children whose guardians work in transferrable government jobs. The board generally has several offices throughout the nation to effectively function.

    2. Syllabus
    The CBSE syllabus uses a scientific approach and it is mainly divided into 3 units. While there are 2 English papers in ICSE, only one is present in CBSE. Furthermore, ICSE has 3 science papers that include Chemistry, Physics and Math, while CBSE only has one. The same applies when it comes to social sciences as ICSE has 2 papers, namely Geography and History, while only one is present in CBSE.

    3. Career choices
    The CBSE is normally considered by individuals who are looking to study in the engineering or medical fields in future. In fact, CBSE conducts the entrance examination that all engineers in India have to sit for. This means students who are learning CBSE have an essential advantage in contrast to ICSE because CISCE does not have any role when it comes to conducting engineering examinations.

    4. Simplicity
    Most students feel that the CBSE syllabus was relatively easier as contrasted to ICSE. Actually, the English ICSE papers are very tough and are considered like the best in the whole country. Furthermore, ICSE attaches more focus on lab work and internal assessment.

    In brief, CISCE conducts an exam called ICSE, whilst CBSE is essentially a board which conducts examinations.

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