Difference between Catholic and Presbyterian

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Difference between Catholic and Presbyterian

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  1. daniel

    Catholic is a denomination that is based on Christian faith. It has the greatest followers all over the world. In contrast, Presbyterian is a denomination based on Christianity and it closes relates to the work of Jesus on earth.

    Catholics base their belief in the main holy moments or seven sacraments, but Presbyterians do not acknowledge all these sacraments. For Catholics, the holy sacraments include Eucharist, Marriage, Reconciliation, Ordination, Confirmation, Anointing of sick and Baptism.

    Presbyterians do hold Mary in high regard and respect her, but they think that she also sinned just as everyone else. In contrast, Catholics assert that Mary is a saint and thus did not even sin. Whereas Catholics think that the resurrected body of Mary arose and entered heaven immediately, Presbyterians think that Mary’s body was covered up and buried.

    Unlike Presbyterians, Catholics believe in the presence of spiritual leaders. As such, the Pope is highly revered as a descendant of the great apostle called Saint Peter. Catholics believe Jesus requested Peter to construct the Basilica inside Rome. Furthermore, Catholics normally confess their sins to a designated priest, whereas Presbyterians believe in praying to God.

    Catholics believe in both a literal and spiritual bible interpretation. They believe that events listed in the first Old Testaments are allegories for all events that followed in New Testament. Unlike Presbyterians, Catholics are strict concerning following the bible and are therefore not open to any interpretations unless provided by bishops.
    Interestingly, Catholics think that the ending of the whole world as provided in Revelations is actually not a metaphoric account, but it will occur eventually. Presbyterians do not share this belief since they believe that it is a metaphor of how the world will end.

    Nevertheless, both Presbyterians and Catholics believe Jesus died to make amends for all our sins.

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