Difference between Bridge and Viaduct

Jul 24, 2011 by

What is the Difference between Bridge and Viaduct?

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  1. katrina

    Words are undeniably of great impact to the world as it has the ability to put individuals into subtle confusion. It is a fact that the world cannot exist without the use of words. They obviously bring life to the way sentences and phrases are uttered and expressed. However, due to the numerous words that exist today, it is quite inevitable to be in a state of utter puzzlement. Included among the many words that pose uncertainties are bridge and viaduct. Most people find no difference between and can barely distinguish one from the other.

    For one, bridges and viaducts differ in the sense that the former is one general term that is basically comprised of various forms and types while the latter is one specific type.

    In this light, bridges can be described variably. While some confine it to the definition of being a structure that facilitates better means of transportation such as road bridges, viaducts have specifications that make one be termed as a viaduct.

    Apart from that, bridge differs from viaduct by the structures they each possess. Bridges more often comes in either an arch form or perpendicularly between the two connected lands. Viaducts, on the contrary, are more often seen as numerous bridges built together on the same height, typically with arch designs through which boats and small ships can pass through.

    More so, these two structures that facilitate transportation differ in the sense that viaducts are always considered as a bridges, only that it has specific features whereas bridges does not imply them to be viaducts automatically.

    Regardless of their differences, these two have significant purposes of why they are built. Some may be built as an adornment but others were created to establish connection from one spot to another.

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