Difference Between Bollywood and Hollywood

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What are the differences between Bollywood and Hollywood?

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  1. katrina

    In the world of entertainment, many names and labels have been made and ultimately became popularly known in almost all parts of the world. In almost all countries, the desire to produce world class films and movies has become one aim. And today, it is undeniable that many existing countries are able to meet with this demand. In this light, production of movies has greatly influenced viewers, especially in the invention of new terms and styles of languages. Two most popular words in the world of entertainment are Bollywood and Hollywood.

    Hollywood is one formal term that is of the American origin. Bollywood, on the other hand, is basically derived from Hollywood, which originated in the country of India. This is considered to be the major difference between the two.

    Another disparity between Bollywood and Hollywood is their reference. While Bollywood refers specifically to the Hindi cinema being produced in some parts of India, Hollywood typically houses the entire movie industry, along with its stars, talents and crews, in the United States of America.
    In terms of origin, Bollywood was created to primarily produce Hindi films that entertain and use the English language, in some parts and phrases of the plot. More so, Bollywood was derived from one certain place in India, which is Bomaby. Hollywood, on the contrary, is not characterized by this fact. Hollywood is typically one district in America.

    Most importantly, Bollywood differ from Hollywood by the way movies are created. In Bollywood, movies usually contain scenes that depict sing and dance scenes. In Hollywood, however, this kinds of scenes are more commonly omitted or not incorporated.

    Despite their differences, Bollywood and Hollywood films being produced today have greatly improved and are able to meet the growing standards of the public viewers.

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