Difference between Beer and Wine

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Difference between Beer and Wine

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  1. daniel

    For many people, beer is the best alcoholic beverage. This view is shared by many men throughout the world. Nevertheless, most women are said to prefer wines. As expected, debate still continues on which of the two is the best alcoholic beverage. Both have culinary uses and they each have their own unique health contributions because of their varying alcohol content. Read on for more explained differences.

    1. Production

    Beer is produced from various cereal grains such as maize, rice, wheat and even malts. Hops, which are types of flowers, may be used for producing beer since they act like preservatives. Meanwhile, wine is an alcoholic drink that is produced from grapes. It is particularly got from grape juice that has undergone fermentation.

    2. Social value

    With regards to social value and class, wine is associated with an eloquent stigma. It is generally the drink that is used for various formal occasions like gallery openings, awards night and weddings. However, beers have a much lower level than wines as they are considered the normal drink for everyone. As such, beers are believed to be casual in nature and that is why it is consumed in all less formal meetings.

    3. History

    Beer is regarded like the oldest kind of alcoholic drink around. Actually, it existed as early on as 10,000BC, as opposed to wine, which developed later on in 7000BC. This means wine is the newer alcoholic drink in comparison with beer.

    4. Variety

    When you consider variety, wines are highly diverse than beers. Wines usually smell better, taste better and have a wide array of flavors. In contrast, beers are quite similar, not considering the manufacturer. They are considered like the same alcoholic drinks produced from the normal grains.

    In conclusion, wine is produced after grapes have been fermented, while beer is produced from various cereal grains.

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