Difference between Badger and Wolverine

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What is the Difference between Badger and Wolverine?

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  1. khristine

    Speaking of badger and wolverine, both animals belong to the same family which is Mustelidae. Although both can survive even in an extremely cold weather, their physical attributes are highly different from one another. When it comes to wolverines, they are considered to be the largest terrestrial mustelid and their weight could be up to 80 pounds with a length until 36 inches compared to badgers which could only weigh 15-30 pounds and up to 30 inches in length. Badgers are gray animals having black and white patterns on their head while wolverine are dark brown animals having a light tan on their back. The difference on their furs is also apparent because wolverine’s fur is thicker and more hydrophobic making it resilient to water and frost. Although badger’s fur is less resilient, it survived the cold climate by developing their habitat under the ground. In that way, badgers are best in digging while wolverines prefer hunting above the ground. However, wolverines are solitary animals and they live in the isolated areas of the north. For badgers, they are usually part of a social clan and don’t even mind the presence of humans which is very different from wolverines that will always seek to avoid humans around. These two different animals are better known for their temper and strength which made them the two strongest and fiercest members in the Weasels family. Since badgers are burrowers, their diet is more on rodents and insects and being an omnivorous they also depend on fruits and roots. Wolverines are carnivorous and are more used to eating medium-sized mammals. Amazingly, wolverine’s lifespan could reach up to 17 years compared to badgers which could last only for two years while others could live a lifetime of eight years. Too sad to mention, but these two animals are now endangered due to the abused use of their furs by people.

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