Difference Between Andragogy and Pedagogy

Jun 16, 2011 by

What is the Difference Between Andragogy and Pedagogy?

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  1. katrina

    Education is one aspect that continues to place a significant impact to many individuals, despite the rapidly changing and fast approaching advancements and forms of technologies that have been put into focus ever since it has emerged. Education has undeniably evolved, as claimed by many educators and experts. However, despite the palpable changes, two forms of imparting knowledge remain to be utilized and have been adequately employed. These teaching are known as andragogy and pedagogy. By the terms itself, it is quite obvious how they bear uniqueness from one another.

    The major difference between andragogoy and pedagogy is basically the subjects that are involved in the impartation of knowledge. While andragogy employs adult individuals who possess a great interest and passion for learning, pedagogy primarily focuses on teaching children and keeping them abreast of what needs to be learned for the challenges of the future.

    Another difference between the two is their principle. Andragogy holds on to the principle that only those who have a vital interest on the subject of interest, particularly those that have capable of involving oneself to learn, can be fully equipped through one’s experiences and thoughts. Pedagogy, on the contrary, merely allows its children to learn from the teacher and just merely comply with it give to them.

    More so, andragogy differs from pedagogy in the sense that the former establishes a interactive relationship with the one facilitating while the latter commonly employs a passive kind of relationship wherein the students are spoon-fed regardless of what their response may be. In this light, it can be implied that andragogy sources out lessons from the participants themselves whereas pedagogy is merely a one way form of teaching.

    Despite their disparities, these two teaching methods remain to be vital in imparting knowledge.

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